Turning the Wheel

The End of the Civil War

The families gathering their forces in the Realm had finally reached a tipping point and a botched assassination finally set the Blessed Isle into a state of civil war, all vying for influence, if not outright control of the Scarlet Throne. Unable to sit idly by and watch her country tear itself apart, Tepet Ejava finally gathered her forces and began the long trek home. The time her personal army had spent in the deep south, halfway between Gem and Outer Sun had nod been idle, and her men had grown strong, if self righteous, learning the unusual ways of war and training with a number of the celestial level exalts that had gathered there. Returning home to restore glory to the dynasty and help stake their commander’s claim to the throne was going to be an honor and a much anticipated challenge.

Without stake or any real welcome on the Blessed Isle most of the mighty exalted gathered in the south simply bid the refugee army fare well, though a few mighty Dragon Blooded outcasts were welcomed into her legion over the course of their exile. As weeks wore on and the terrestrial exalted families committed more and more of their forces to open conflict of wiping out their “less worthy” relatives, a strange kind of reconstruction was taking place. The conflict across the sea could not help but keep the interest of the southern super powers, nor could the the re-envisioned shadowland city that was once Paragon and was now being called “Lucubratory.” Spies from a number of nations were sent to investigate both.

The conflict on the Blessed Isle was potent and bloody, but ultimately would be short lived. After almost a month of open war an event that happened once before during a time of great strife in the realm occurred once more…

The horizon darkened, thunder roared, and a grand royal figure that had not been seen in years appeared in the sky overshadowing even the Imperial Mountain. In a booming voice of absolute authority, the Scarlet Empress announced her return and demanded a cease fire of all forces in the Realm, delivering the ultimatum that should she be ignored, her wrath would be instant. True to her word, the few factions that failed to heed her were struck down with explosions of essence and lightning that fell from the sky and found them, where ever they dared to defy her. Within days the Realm was at peace once again, and the Empress, if it truly was her back on the throne, was holding audience, summoning the leaders of her children’s armies to her one by one. Most received new stations, some local, some considerably diminished. Some simply never returned from their appointed meetings…



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