The Scarlet Empress

Ruler of the Realm and Bride of the Ebon Dragon


The Scarlet Empress is the founder and sole ruler of the Realm. During the Great Contagion, it was she who braved the Imperial Manse and used its control of the Realm’s ancient magical defenses to save Creation from the invading Fair Folk. She then crowned herself Empress of the Realm — using her control of the Realm defenses to crush all opposition — and proceeded to rule the world for the next 750+ years. She disappeared in RY 763, eventually prompting a brief civil war within the Realm, but she has returned with all the glory and power that Creation remembered. After settling the situation within her own land, she assigned Tepet Ejava to oversee the Realm’s reconstruction and turned her own eye outward toward the Threshold. To remove any doubt Creation had of her true identity, the Empress once more activated the Sword of Creation and used it to obliterate Lookshy.

Few realize that the Empress had been in Malfeas for the past six years or that she has married the Ebon Dragon and now leads an army of demons and Infernal Exalted in a secret plot to corrupt and overtake the Realm.

The Scarlet Empress

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