Modern Wonders

  • Judgment – Soulsteel Daiklave.
  • Melody of Madness – Soulsteel Grand Grimscythe.

Wonders of the First Age

  • The Golden Asp – This serpent of orichalcum and starmetal is unique, serving as an advisor to those Exalted both ambitious and strong enough to be worthy. It wishes to teach and lead the attuned master to greatness, but it was heartless as well.
  • The Third Eye – Created by one of the oldest living Solars of the first age, this allowed the Law Giver to extend a single, scene long charm, into a day long charm. It was designed as such since the owner in his ancient age, grew increasingly paranoid as the centuries passed, quite certain that something, somewhere, somehow was out to get them. Other than being built of orichalcum, this artifact resembles a rather bland and inconspicuous, decorative rope.

Mysteries of Creation


  • The Golden Guardian – Found sniffing around the south with no name and no past, this creature was taken in by the great grand children of a fire aspect mercenary commander based in Gem. It has been serving as a family pet since, much to the commander’s displeasure. In actuality this mysterious creature is the result of first age biogenesis, its most obvious power being that it can use its orichalcum shell block all attacks, effectively making it a limitless Heavenly Guardian Defense. However, the creature’s design foundation utilized a dog from the creator’s former mortal life rather than a more intellegent base, so while it can effectively block any type of physical harm, its predictability is that of an easily excitable, un-trained, mutt. Attunement benefits to the creature are unknown as no one has ever been able to hold onto the creature long enough due to its ingrained fear of being bathed once in a clinch. It is due to these flaws that prevents it from being anything more than a level 5 artifact.


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