At the start of the chronicle, the PCs will have already grown in power and influence, having become movers and shakers in their own right. These character creation rules better reflect their increased level of power, but it is up to the players to ensure that the character backgrounds reflect their adventures so far and how they have impacted Creation.

In the case of a mixed group, each Exalt-type has been assigned a different character creation system to make up for the power imbalance a little and to reflect the difference in experience and support each group generally receives.

Assign Favored Abilities as normal for each Exalt type. Willpower and Essence pools are derived as normal for each respective type as well. Characters are assumed to be experienced enough that limiting Background points would make little sense, so each PCs may assign whatever Backgrounds fit their respective character concept. No one, however, may own any N/A Level Artifacts or Manses.

X Solar Lunar Sidereal Terrestrial Abyssal
Attributes 10/8/6 11/9/7 10/8/6 10/8/6 10/8/6
Abilities 50 + 5 Specialties 50 + 5 Specialties 50 + 5 Specialties 75 + 10 Specialties 50 + 5 Specialties
Charms 35 + 5 combos 35 + 10 knacks + 5 combos 35 + 15 MA + 10 combos 65 + 5 combos 35 + 5 combos
Virtues 7 7 7 7 7
Essence 5 5 5 5 5
Bonus Points 15 20 20 30 15

Note – Remember to check the Mechanics secion of the House Rules for additional mods in regards to character creation, especially the ones regarding Excellencies, extra health levels, and Specialties.

Keep in mind, however, that despite the adjusted chargen rules, Solars and Abyssals will still be the most powerful in whatever functions they choose to focus, followed by Lunars and Sidereals. There is just no way that Terrestrials will ever be as powerful as any other Exalt at this level of experience and even Celestials are going to trail behind Solars-level characters a bit. If a mixed group is desired, the key to total enjoyment is to focus on areas of expertise that no one else does. Terrestrials are still a force to be reckoned with and Celestials still have tricks up their sleeves that can make even Solars double-take.


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