Errata & Additions

  • All current official errata will be used in Turning of the Wheel. The errata PDF can be found here.
  • Additional content provided by the Ink Monkeys is explicitly allowed. The collection PDF can be found here.



  • You do not need to purchase Excellency charms — if you have even a single dot in any ability, you may use all three of its respective Excellency charms. Extension charms such as Infinite (Ability) Mastery must still be purchased normally.
  • You may ignore the Prerequisites section of charms and select only the charms you desire rather than the charms needed before you may take them. You must still meet the Ability and Essence score requirements for each charm you select.
  • Whenever there is a repurchase option for a charm, you may simply replace the previous version of the charm with the more powerful version for free whenever you meet the requirements.


  • Specialties may only be purchased once for each Ability, but each grants a +3 bonus.
  • All mundane Craft categories now fall under “Craft – Mundane” rather than five different categories.


  • Solar and Abyssal Exalted gain a number of extra -0 health levels equal to their Essence rating.
    Lunar and Sidereal Exalted gain a number of extra -1 health levels equal to their Essence rating.
    Terrestrial Exalted gain a number of extra -2 health levels equal to their Essence rating.
  • Under certain circumstances, players may be able to use Dramatic Editing. This allows a player to make one addition or adjustment to the narrative that she would not normally be able to declare. For example, one could use Dramatic Editing in the middle of a massive battle to declare that reinforcements have just arrived. Dramatic Editing may only be used once per session per player.
  • With the adjusted chip-based advancement mechanics, the purpose of having Favored/Caste traits may be unclear. Their purpose in Turning of the Wheel is entirely narrative. During play, non-favored traits and charms can only be learned after the character has trained for a certain amount of time determined by the normal training time rules, while a Favored/Caste trait or any charm associated with that trait can be raised or purchased instantly with no training time. Additionally, Favored/Caste traits and charms do not require tutors in order to learn instantly. The only exception to this is Martial Arts — non-Hero styles always require a tutor to learn unless a character exalted with at least one of the charms in the style.

Bonuses & Rewards

  • Successful stunts yield “chips” rather than their default benefits. Successful 1-die stunts grant red chips, 2-dice stunts grant blue chips, and 3-dice stunts grant black chips.
Stunt Reward
1-die Stunt Red Chip Red chip icon
2-dice Stunt Blue Chip Blue chip icon
3-dice Stunt Black Chip Black chip icon
  • Chips can be traded at any time during play for in-game benefits according to their value. Red chips may be cashed in for 2m of essence or a + 1 bonus to a roll or DV. Blue chips may be cashed in for 1 willpower. Black chips may be cashed in to affect your own Dramatic Editing. You may cash in multiple chips simultaneously.
Red chip icon 2m Essence
+1 bonus to roll/DV
Blue chip icon 1 Willpower
Black chip icon Dramatic Editing
  • You can trade two red chips for one blue chip, or three red chips for one black chip. Blue and black chips may also be traded for their value in red chips.
  • You can also earn chips by helping improve the Portal, creating illustrations, or writing character fiction. Each contribution is normally worth one red chip, but notably large efforts can be worth more with approval by the ST.


  • No XP will be awarded over the course of the chronicle. Instead, every participating character receives a red chip and may also cash in one unspent chip to purchase a new trait or raise an existing one. Red chips spent in this manner can afford 1 Specialty, 1 Caste/Favored Ability dot, or 1 Caste/Favored Charm. Blue chips may be spent on 1 Ability dot, 1 Charm, or 1 combo. Black chips may be spent on 1 Attribute dot, 1 Willpower dot, or 1 Virtue dot.
Red chip icon 1 Specialty
1 Caste/Favored Ability dot
1 Caste/Favored Charm
Blue chip icon 1 Ability dot
1 Charm
1 combo
Black chip icon 1 Attribute dot
1 Willpower dot
1 Virtue dot
  • Essence can not be raised through normal means at this time. Everyone is already at Essence 5 and you need to have lived at least a century in order to attain Essence 6.


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