Solar Exalted

Dawn Caste

  • Sell Sell Whiteforge

Zenith Caste

  • Browd Nolan
  • Gold Wing Phoenix

Twilight Caste

  • Arianna icon Arianna – The bright, young Solar sorceress is the circlemate of Dace and Panther. Her own quest for knowledge and power took her to the underworld itself. Now she’s traveling with Rais and his companions on their journey across the threshold.
  • Brand Brand
  • Caliente Cal

Night Caste

  • Sahaquiel icon Sahaquiel

Eclipse Caste

  • Valis icon Valis – Known even in the Scavenger Lands as “The Jewel of the South,” Valis has made a name for herself by solving disputes to everyone’s satisfaction. With the gift of a tongue that is more than just silver she has many ways of finding out what people want and bringing them to compromise. She often travels and introduces herself as just an entertainer, and as a beauty like hers can be very distracting, she’s exceptionally good at helping people forget their troubles.
    Seen more than once spiriting across the desert on the storm winds guided by her fingertips, she’s a known sorceress, though she plays down these talents and finds her greatest power is in drawing out the strengths of other people.

Terrestrial Exalted

Earth Aspect

  • Dalfor Dalfor Sanzan

Fire Aspect

  • Sage Sage

Water Aspect

  • Elis Elis Coral

Wood Aspect

  • Peleps Minasa

Lunar Exalted

Changing Moon Caste

  • Icon ma ha suchi

No Moon Caste

  • Icon raksi Raksi – Queen of Fangs

Sidereal Exalted

Chosen of Journeys

  • Fwj Five Winds Journey

Chosen of Secrets

  • Icon chejop kejak Chejop Kejak

Abyssal Exalted

Day Caste

  • So s Symphony of Sorrows

Infernal Exalted

Slayer Caste

  • Rayah

Alchemical Exalted

Orichalcum Caste

  • Unhesitatingly Loyal Weapon


  • Rei sin tak hul2 Rei Sin Ta’khul
  • Icon wayang Wayang – The Black Puppet Mask


  • Icon first and forsaken lion First And Forsaken Lion
  • Icon princess magnificent Princess Magnificent With Lips of Coral And Robes of Black Feathers


Turning the Wheel Khayin